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Headquarter State / Province:

Washington D.C.

Headquarter City:

Washington D.C.

Est. Date:


Mission Purpose:

To be a House of Prayer for the nation and symbol of religious Christian America


Bishop Mariann Budde, Dean Randolph Hollerworth, Canon Jan Cope, Canon Rosemarie Duncan, Vicar Dana Corsello


Symbol of a strong presence of Christianity in America and a "House of Prayer for all people"

The National Cathedral is the symbol of prayer of the nation and worship of God and a symbol of religious America, based in the nation’s capital, since its founding in 1893 when the Protestant Episcopal  Cathedral Foundation received its Charter from Congress. The first Episcopal Bishop Henry Saterlee identified land on top of Mt. St. Alban, a commanding spot for all Washington D.C. The cornerstone was laid in 1907. Since its construction, it has remained a “House of prayer for all people.” This is an intriguing synthesis of a denomination-based church yet founding a church symbolically for all America, for all people of prayer. Its vision has been grand from the very beginning by Major. L’Enfant who was commissioned by George Washington to plan D.C.