The SEVEN Categories of Resources we have on ACA’s Resources page are:

Bible Resources (see below)
Nurture/ Discipleship (see below)
Evangelism/ Gospel Outreach/ Witnessing (see below)
Media Organizations/Agencies (see below)
Missions Organizations (see below)
Christian Living and Fellowships (see below)
Service Organizations (see below)

seven 7 areas of Christian life under the head Jesus Christ and through his body the church
Seven (7) areas of Christian life under the head Jesus Christ

Bible Resources

Basic Bible Reading Plan, compiled by P. Wheelhouse
Basic Bible Reading Introduction

Recommended English translations of the Bible (We hope to soon offer some Bibles on this site for direct ordering):

New Kings James Version Bible

English Standard Version

New Revised Standard Version

New International Version

American Bible Society:

Biblia (formerly the International Bible Society:

Free Hebrew/ Messianic Bible from the Bibles for Israel and the Messianic Bible Project, a ministry of the Messianic Jewish Bible Society (“Where the world comes to study the Bible”)



Discipleship Resources

The Stages of Christian Discipleship



The holy Bible is the font and source of the Christian faith, the Sacred Scriptures, the Word of God. It is the MAIN text for Christian discipleship from day 1 of life to the very end of life. One resource provided here for now: (“Where the world comes to study the Bible”)

NURTURE: All things are learned in building blocks, such as learning to read: first the letters of the alphabet, then words, then phrases, then sentences, then paragraphs. Discipleship starts with the basics. So vitally important is to instill the Christian faith in the young and in prospective new believers. The most effective ways to do this are:

By SONG, by RHYME, by MULTI-SENSORY (auditory, visual, and tactile), and by CATECHESIS

Did you know that the entire Christian faith can be taught with only songs to children? Yes, by strategically selecting several songs, hymns, and psalms, the whole Christian faith CAN and SHOULD be taught to young children before their reading skills are up to par.

Then, once their reading skills are up to par, the level of CATECHESIS kicks in. Catechesis is the teaching of the Christian faith using a catechism as the main textbook which is an instruction book in the form of question and answers. Now before you “jump the gun” and say, “Hey, wait a minute. I want my children to learn the Bible!” You can be at ease. Christian catechisms teach the Bible! They are so full of meaningful and engaging questions on the Faith and full of Scripture passages which are the “proof texts” for the answers; the good ones anyway.

Once a person, young or an adult, is catechized into the Christian faith, the next logical level of study is a SURVEY of the Bible. Bible Survey studies have been fairly popular in the last 40 years beginning with the conceptual Bethel Bible series which started in the 1960’s. Marilyn Hickey’s Bible Encounter was very popular in the 1990’s. Then Bruce Wilkinson came out with his Walk Thru the Bible which was very popular. You can read about B. Wilkinson’s story here. And a lesser well-known but popular one for Lutherans (I went through this one and the others except for Wilkinson’s Walk Through) was Dr. Harry Wendt’s Crossways Seeing through the Scriptures and Journey Through the Bible.

But there are many Christians who have lived their Christian lives without going through a Bible survey course. But they have attended various Bible studies including topical studies. We can clump all these is the “Advanced” Discipleship stage. But there are actually more than a few levels in this general stage from simple topical studies such as on the Names of God, Vocation, Grief, Abuse (practical life issues), to advanced biblical word studies, exegetical studies such as original Hebrew and Greek biblical languages, hermeneutics, systematics (doctrinal studies) and theology (these latter ones are at the seminary level).

The following FREE resource is a simple study based on the Bible for levels from catechesis to “Advanced” studies:

The R’s of Religion,” P. Wheelhouse (free PDF download forthcoming)

Virtually all denominational publishing houses each have their own set of Christian discipleship resources, Bible and Faith studies and curriculum from the earliest of ages to older adults. There are too many to list them all here. Below is just a sampling from some of the main denominational families:

Assemblies of God (Pentecostal) Discipleship resources:

Baptist Discipleship resources: Baptist Press

Roman Catholic Discipleship resources:
Some discipleship resources can be found on EWTN’s Religious Catalog

Anglican: The Anglican Communion’s Intentional Discipleship page

Methodist: UMC’s Discipleship Ministries

LCMS Lutheran (Concordia) CPH Discipleship resources

Advanced Christian Discipleship for Adolescents, College-Age, and Adults

The Top Ten List of Books a Christian Should Read

(Lists are forthcoming: Stay tuned!)


Witnessing Resources

Basic Bible Reading Plan, compiled by P. Wheelhouse
(free PDF download) Basic Bible Reading Introduction

Evangelism and Gospel Outreach Resources

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

CRU and Campus Crusade for Christ International

Christian Ministries International

Concordia Gospel Outreach (Concordia Publishing House, The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod)

Friends of Israel Gospel Ministries

Gospel Ministries International

Media Organizations/Agencies

Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), based in Virginia Beach, VA, est. in 1960 and the 1st Christian television station on cable TV

Catholic News Agency, now a service through and under EWTN

Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), based in Irondale, AL

Christian Herald, in press from 1878 to 2006, based in London, a weekly newspaper (according to Wikipedia and

Daystar Television Network, based in Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX

Trinity Broadcasting Network, (TBN) based in S. California and Ft. Worth, TX. states that “TBN is the largest Christian television network in the world committed to sending the message of hope and grace of Jesus to the world…”

Missions Organizations

Asia Access

Ethnos 360 (formerly New Tribes Missions)

Frontiers (focuses on missions in the Middle East particularly to Muslim peoples)

Mission India

Voices of the Martyrs

Most larger denominations and associations have mission agencies, too many to list here.

Christian Living and Fellowships

Christian Television Broadcast Ministries:

John Ankerberg Show

Daystar Television Network (, founded by Marcus and Joni Lamb, Pentecostal tradition, “American evangelical Christian-based”)

Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN, Roman Catholic network established my Mother Angelica, Irondale, AL)

Ministry to Disabled Persons (Specialized Ministries):

Joni and Friends Organization

Fellowships and Other Christian Living Resources

Campers for Christ Ministries

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (a university student campus national fellowship)


Are there any specific resources you would like to suggest and see on this page? Just send us a note through Contact Us page.

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